Student Government

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2027 T-Shirt


President: Emma Howell
VP: Grace Emanuelson
Secretary: Jovaan Tapang
Treasurer: Megan Lussier
Academics: Abby Howell
Publications: Charlotte Smith
Community Service: Alex Morairty
Athletics: Callie Cavalieri
Outreach: Toka Mohamed
Rally: Paige Bariteau
Activities: Karly Kamleiter
DEIB Chair: Isabella Alvarez


Senior Class of 2024:

President: Lunden Maeda

Vice President: Colton Duerson

Secretary: Tessa Sanders

Treasurer: Hannah Duerson

Junior Class of 2025:

President: Ashley Haver

Vice President: Elliot Watson

Secretary: Bobby Arcangeli

Treasurer: Kate Saiki

Sophomore Class of 2026:

President: Troy Thompson

Vice President: Samantha Rebbert

Secretary: Riya Kuriakose

Treasurer: Garrett Brown

Freshmen Class of 2027 (TBA)

President: Lauren Lima

Vice President: Ava Dumesny


Treasurer: Hayden Taylor