Important Updates Regarding SAT/ACT for College Admission 

  • The University of California (UC) system is no longer requiring or considering SAT/ACT exams for admission purposes or scholarship consideration. They may, however, consider test scores as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility or for course placement after university enrollment.

  • The California State University (CSU) system is also no longer requiring or considering SAT/ACT  exams for admission purposes.

  • Manyout of state and private colleges will remain "test optional."

  • Check Test Optional Colleges here: Fair Test


1. When should I take an ACT/SAT?

  • You should take the ACT and/or SAT at least once during your junior year of high school. Most students take their choice of test once or twice their junior year and once in the fall of their senior year. You have until December of your senior year to test. Exception: Early Action and Early Decision Programs

2. Which test should I take?

  • You should try to take the PSAT and PreACT to gain practice and to get a feel for both tests. If you are unable to take these practice tests, you can find free practice tests online at the College Board and ACT websites. These practice tests will help you to determine which test is right for you. See chart below to see the main structural differences.


3. Do I have to take an ACT/SAT?

  • No. Many colleges have eliminated the requirement entirely or gone "test optional."

4. How many times can I take the SAT/ACT? Will the colleges see all my scores?

  • You can take these tests as many times as you would like, however it is the best strategy to prep well and test 2-3 times.

  • You get to decide what scores you send colleges.

5. Do I have to pay to take the ACT/SAT?

  • Yes, there is a registration fee. However, if you cannot afford to take the test come see us to check if you qualify for a fee waiver.

6. How long does it take to get my scores back?

  • 2-4 weeks.

7. How do I register for the ACT/SAT?

Register online at:

11. How do I prepare for the SAT/ACT?

  • Free Online SAT/ACT Prep

  • Naviance Online Test Prep Course - FREE (log in to your Naviance account and get started at any time)

  • Local Test Prep Companies


The PreACT is coming to SVHS!

WHEN: Saturday, February 3rd @ 8 AM

WHERE:  SVHS room C509

PRICE:  $25 - Bring a check or cash to the SVHS Front Office, payable to SVHS before Feb 3. There are only 40 spots available so don't delay

What is the PreACT?

The PreACT is a multiple-choice test aimed at preparing students for the ACT.

The PreACT has the same four multiple-choice sections as the regular ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is not a Writing section. The test is also scored the same way as the regular ACT, on a scale from 1-36.

 The questions on the exam are formulated from past ACT's, so the difficulty level of the test is on par with the regular ACT. The point of the test is to help students get a better sense of where they would score on the real ACT and how much more they need to prepare before taking it.

If you plan on taking the ACT as a junior or senior, you might consider taking the PreACT in 10th or 11th grade to augment your prep efforts. Since it is made up of actual ACT questions, it will give you an accurate estimate of your score level and help diagnose your weaknesses so you can study strategically.

What the PSAT/PreACT can offer you:

  • Measurement of reading, math reasoning, and writing skills critical for success in college

  • Less expensive practice for the SAT

  • Participation in Student Search service for information from colleges

  • Qualification for National Merit Scholarship program for Juniors

  • A detailed score report as a learning tool for improvement.

SVHS hosted the PSAT on Saturday, October 15, 2022 !

Due to a limited supply, sign-ups will begin for... 

  • 11th graders only :  Monday, September 12th through Friday, September 16th.

  • 10th graders can sign up on a first come, first served basis beginning on Monday, September 19th.

  • Sign-ups will end Monday, October 10th.


Begin preparation early and get diagnostic feedback on your skills by taking the PSAT.
PSAT/NMSQT is a standardized test that students are encouraged to take in their Junior year. Some students take the exam in the Sophomore year. The PSAT is used to qualify 11th grade students for National Merit Scholarship program of recognition and college scholarships. The PSAT provides practice for the SAT, the college entrance qualifying exam.

See your Counselor if you have any further questions.