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All seniors should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submitting the FAFSA accurately and early is one of the keys to getting a more favorable financial aid award package, because some financial aid is available on a limited or first-come/first-served basis. When you submit the FAFSA you are applying for federal grants, loans and work-study, which is a campus-based, part-time work program where you receive an hourly wage for work performed. The FAFSA is also used by states for some state aid programs. Colleges use the FAFSA for institutional aid that is unique to an individual campus.

"How to Video" for FAFSA: FAFSA Video

FAFSA "Cash for College" Workshop - Jan 10th

Zoom Link:

We will be offering a virtual "Cash For College" event on January 10th at 5PM hosted by Cabrillo College. The presenter will walk through the new FAFSA application line-by-line and reserve ample time for Q and A .A zoom link will be emailed out as we get closer. Attached is a checklist for you to reference when you are preparing to complete the application. 

Some of the anticipated FAFSA changes include:

  • The new FAFSA® form will be shorter (fewer questions)

  • The language on the FAFSA® is more closely aligned with the language on income tax returns

  • The SAI (Student Aid Index) replaces the EFC (Expected Family Contribution), and contains new formulas for calculating eligibility. In particular: 

  • Having multiple children in college will no longer reduce SAI, which may result in reduced eligibility for financial aid for some families.

  • Qualified 529 distributions from grandparents, etc. will not reduce aid

  • Education savings accounts will only be counted if designated for the specific student. (ESAs for other children won’t be considered.)

  • Eligibility for the Pell Grant is expanded to families earning 225% of the poverty line (so about $67,500 for a family of four)

  • For divorced parents, families will need to report the higher-earning parent (previously, they reported the parent that the child resided with more often)


Please see Naviance for a list of all scholarships available both local and college & university sponsored.



If your student is planning to attend Cabrillo College in the Fall 2023, it is important that they complete their application now. 

The Running Start Program provides Priority Registration for all eligible Santa Cruz County High School students.

To be eligible for Running Start, students must complete these four steps:

1. Online Cabrillo College Application 
2. FAFSA - Financial Aid Application (required to be eligible for the Promise Program - free first year tuition)
3. Online Orientation 
4. Placement and Planning Process - Required Workshop

 Cabrillo Honors Program- Students interested in applying to the Honors Program will need to complete the Cabrillo Application and the additional Honors application. The Honors application opens on January and is due in March.

A counselor from the Cabrillo Honors will visit SVHS in the Spring.


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