Extra-Curricular Eligibility

(2022-23 School Year Updates Coming Soon)


Extra-curricular activities include the following: athletics; student clubs; Student Government; Spirit leaders and cheerleaders; special field trips not a part of regular classroom work; public performances of music, dance, drama and speech.

In order to participate in extra-curricular activities all students, including those with special needs, shall meet the following requirements:

►  Achieve a grade point average of 2.0 show progress toward meeting the school graduation requirements. In determining eligibility grade bumps from Honors/IB Classes are not considered.





30 credits

60 credits


90 credits

120 credits


145 credits

170 credits


195 credits

1.  Have satisfactory attendance.

2.  If a student is absent due to illness, he/she may not participate in a performance or athletic event for that day or evening.  Any other reason for absence, he/she must attend at least 50% of a student's scheduled classes on the day of a performance or athletic event.  Students must attend the school day prior to a weekend event.

3.  Not violate Substance Abuse policies.

4.  Not be suspended from school for five days and/or suspended twice within a quarter.

5.  Not have debts owed for loss or damage to school district property.

6.  Have detentions cleared.

Eligibility will be declared the week following the closing of each Progress Report of End of Semester grading period. Once declared ineligible a student remains ineligible until the next grading periods ends and eligibility is again declared.

A student with an F on their report card, but who otherwise has a 2.0 GPA, can remain eligible provided that participate in a Check in - Check out program that will be monitored by office staff.

Any makeup work turned in after eligibility is declared will be considered for the following grading period, but eligibility may not be retroactively changed. The only exception to this is for summer school classes that are successfully completed and will then be counted towards eligibility in August. Summer classes taken for eligibility purposes must be pre-approved and must correspond to the class that was failed.

Probation is available, subject to approval of a formal petition to the school Principal. Exceptions to this policy are seldom granted and only in rare cases when an extreme hardship can be shown. Consideration would be given only to juniors and seniors on varsity teams who have below a 2.0 with no Fs. No consideration will be given to students who have been declared ineligible in previous grading periods. If granted, the probation would be for one 6-week grading period only during the student’s 4 years at Scotts Valley High School.

Loss of eligibility for other than academic reasons may also result in loss of privileges including senior trips, the prom, and in certain circumstances, senior graduation ceremonies as outlined in the school policy.