Extra-Curricular Activity Eligibility

Extra-curricular activities include the following: athletics; theatrical productions (fall play and spring musical); special field trips not a part of regular classroom work (Senior Grad field trip); Mock Trial;  Haunted House.  

In order to participate in extra-curricular activities all students, including those with special needs, shall meet the following requirements: 

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA      ( A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1,  F = 0       Add up points and divide by # of classes)

    • GPA calculation is non-weighted, meaning grade bumps are not included

    • ‘Pass’ courses, ex. Teacher’s Aide, are not part of GPA calculation

  • No F’s

    • Withdrawal Fails – WF – occur when a student exits a course after the drop date and before the end of the semester without a legitimate medical excuse.  WF’s on a semester report card will result in a student be ineligible the following grading period.

    • If a student has a ‘Fail’ for a ‘Pass/Fail’ course at a check they will be ineligible.

      • Ex. Teacher’s Aide

  • Satisfactory progress toward graduation

    • Meets minimum unit requirement for each semester as defined below:

1st Semester

2nd Semester

9th        30 Credits

60 Credits

10th       90 Credits

120 Credits

11th      145 Credits

170 Credits

12th      195 Credits

  • Have satisfactory attendance

  • If a student is absent due to illness, he/she may not participate in a performance or athletic event for that day or evening. Any other reason for absence, he/she must attend at least 50% of a student’s scheduled classes on the day of a performance or athletic event.  Students must attend the school day prior to a weekend event.

  • Not violate Substance Abuse policies.

  • Not be suspended from school*

  • Not have debts owed for loss or damage to school district property.

  • Have detentions cleared.

* Any school related suspension will result in the following:

  • First Violation will result in: a) one (1) to five (50 day school suspension; b) referral to a school-based intervention program (for alcohol and drug-related suspension); and c) a three (3) week contest ineligibility (attendance at practices and games is expected to be continued AFTER the school suspension ends).  This also applies to other performance-based activities.

  • Second Violation anytime during the remainder of that current year will result in suspension from participation in all inter-scholastic athletics for the remainder of that season and the subsequent season within the school year.  This also applies to other performance-based activities.

Eligibility will be declared the week following the posting of each grading period.  The exact dates can be found on the school calendar.

Probation is available, subject to approval of a formal petition to the school Principal. Exceptions to this policy are seldom granted and only in rare cases when an extreme hardship can be shown.  Consideration would be given only to juniors and seniors on varsity teams who have below a 2.0 with no F's.  No consideration will be given to students who have been declared ineligible in previous grading periods.  If granted, the probation would be for one 6-week grading period only during the student’s 4 years at Scotts Valley High School.

Eligibility Check Date

Activities being Checked


1st day of school

Using Semester 2 grades from 2016-17


Fall Athletic Teams



Progress Reporting Period 1

Fall Athletic Teams

Haunted House

Fall Play

Mock Trial



1st day of winter sports competition

Using Progress Report Period 1 grades


Winter Athletic Teams



Start of 2nd Semester

Using 1st Semester grades


Winter Athletic Teams

Mock Trial



1st day of spring sports competion

Using 1st Semester grades


Spring Athletic Teams



Progress Reporting Period 2

Spring Athletic Teams

Spring Musical (cast and crew)

Mock Trial



Progress Reporting Period 3

Spring Athletic Teams

Spring Musical (cast and crew)

Mock Trial



1 week before Senior Grad Field Trip

Using Current grades


Senior Grad Field Trip