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Participation Donation Volleyball

Girls Volleyball season is from August-November.  Students should listen carefully to the Daily Bulletin for information and any last-minute changes.

SVHS plays in the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League (SCCAL).

In order to participate in after-school sports all students, including

those with special needs, must meet the eligiblity requirements.

►  Read the full extra-curricular activity eligibility policy.

►  There is a $200 requested donation to play each sport. If you donate using PayPal, an additional $5 is added for service fee.

►  All sports participation paperwork including physical must be turned in prior to try-outs (or you will not be able to try-out).

Volleyball - Girls

2021-22 Preseason


Date Opponent Location Time
8/24/21 Monte Vista SVHS 4, 5, 6:30
8/26/21 Half Moon Bay HMB 4, 5, 6:30
8/30/21 Kirby SVHS 5, 6:30
9/15/21 St. Francis St. Francis 5/JV, 6:30/Var
10/4/21 Watsonville/FROSH SVHS 6
2021-22 SCCAL Schedule

Match times are generally: 4:30pm for the Frosh/Soph, 6pm for JV and 7:30pm for Varsity


Opponent Location
9/7/21 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
9/9/21 Mt. Madonna SVHS
9/16/21 Aptos SVHS
9/20/21 Harbor Harbor
9/21/21 Soquel Soquel
9/23/21 SLV SVHS
9/28/21 BYE  
9/30/21 Santa Cruz SVHS
10/5/21 Mt. Madonna Mt. Madonna
10/7/21 Harbor SVHS
10/12/21 Aptos Aptos
10/14/21 Soquel SVHS
10/19/21 SLV SLV
10/21/21 BYE
2021-22 Tournament Schedule


Date Opponent Location Time
9/11/21 Watsonville Tourn  - JV WHS All Day
9/18/21 Harbor Harbor All Day
9/18/21 Watsonville/FROSH WHS All Day
9/25/21 Watsonville WHS All Day
10/2/21 Harbor/FROSH Harbor All Day
10/16/21 Harbor - JV Harbor All Day
2021 Girls Volleyball First SCCAL Game:

Tuesday, Sept 7th at Santa Cruz HS

August Schedule

Friday August 13th - First Practices for Freshman, JV and Varsity

  •  Varsity - 3:30pm to 5:30pm (team time at 5pm)
  •   JV       - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
  •  Frosh  - 5:00pm to 6:30pm team will have free play until parent meeting ends)

We will not be having our parent meeting on Wednesday after all as there is a  Parent Meeting on Tuesday August 17th at 7:00pm on the Football Field. 

Please make sure someone from your family attends.



Save the Date:

Saturday, August 21st SCCAL Jamboree 

  • Freshman @ 2pm 
  • JV @ 12pm  
2021 Girls Volleyball Pre-Season and Tournament Schedule
Date Opponent Place Time
Sat Aug 21st Jamboree (JV & Frosh)  Harbor JV (noon) Frosh (2pm)
Tues Aug 24th Monte Vista Christ   SVHS 4,5,6:30
Thu Aug 26th  Half Moon Bay HMB 4, 5, 6:30
Mon Aug 30th Kirby (Varsity Only) SVHS 6:00

Mark Andrews

Margaret Anderson

Wilson Ambiel - Head Coach


2021/22 Varsity Roster

Hannah Flemming

Kayla Brown

Macy Milan

Grace Emanuelson

Jordan Kurrle

Kristen Powell

Ellie Streller

Kiana Grasso

Chiara Benoit

Emma Smith

Morgan Lipman

Natalia Cash

Emma Howell

2021/22  JV Roster

Natalie Fortunado

Aliyah Stone

Sammi Davis

Naiya Samios-McQuain

Hailey McKinney

Bella Alvarez

Paige Bariteau

Lauren Bariteau

Qynn Meulman

Sydney Barnes


Lunden Maeda

Megan Lussier

Cheyenne Janisch

Wisdom Catano

Ava Morrison

Jordin Ericson

Ashley Haver

Callie Schrader

Katie Saiki

Skylar Dufour

Frosh Practice Squad

Savannah Gonzales

Kaylie Valencia-Aquino

Taylin Witten-Hannah