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Espanol 1

Bienvenidos (welcome!)

Hola familias,

If any parents are reading, know that I'm very excited to be your student's Spanish 1 teacher.

In this space, I'll focus on our homework for the week and my typical homework pattern.  This week we have two homework assignments.  One assignment is given Monday and due next class meeting.  Another assignment is given on the second class meeting and again is due in the following meeting.  So, period 4 will have homework due Tuesday and Thursday.  Period 7 will have homework due Wednesday and Friday.  Homework will take 15-30 minutes to complete.  It must be complete when the student enters the class, so if there are questions, the student should find me at lunch, break, or Tutorial for clarification.  I do not usually assign homework on weekends.  I do not assign work or have projects due over breaks or upon return from breaks. So, this is a pretty typical week in terms of homework.

Click on the calendar to see the assignments, which will have been explained in class.  Just for clarification, here's a little more about this week's assignments.

First assignment:

 Students must read, and have their parents read, our syllabus.  If there are any needs that I should be aware of, please let me know by adding comments to the signature page.  Please make sure all of the information on the return slip is legible, as I need reliable contact information.  Note the supplies list:  I require all students to be able to quickly retrieve binder paper, pen/pencil, red pen, highlighter, eraser.  Students should also maintain a binder (or portion of a binder) for resources and notes received in Spanish class.  Please get your materials together by Monday of the second week.

Second assignment:

We are creating personalized 'license plates' as a visual to be used in class.  The small-sized poster will be begun in class and finished at home to be brought in on Thursday (p.4) or Friday (p.7)  These will help students speak to their classmates about their names and interests.  Don't worry, we will speak Spanish, even in this first week.  I will be observing how the students work.   And I'll be learning their names and pastimes, too.


Best wishes for a good school year. 

Be in touch if there's anything I can do for your student to help their progress or comfort level as they learn Spanish.


Lee Else