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Closed Campus and Parking Lot Rules

Closed Campus:

  1. Students may not leave campus during their school day.
    1. School Day = The time between the beginning of first class and end of the last class. 
      1. Includes break, lunch, and times during the day in which they do not have classes.
  2. To leave campus during their school day, students must check-out at attendance office and requires parent permission in writing (note or email) or via phone.

Parking Lot Rules:

  1. Students may only go to the parking lot during the school day to access their vehicles in order to drop off and pick up supplies.
    1. Students may not sit in cars together at break or lunch.
    2. Students may not ‘hang out’ in the parking lot during break or lunch.
  2. All cars must be properly permitted; this is for both physical and economic safety.
    1. To get a permit the school requires proof of insurance, car registration, and driver’s license.  To apply for a permit, go to the office front desk.
    2. Non-compliance will result in vehicles being ticketed.
  3. Cars must be parked in the appropriate locations.
    1. The senior lot includes the entirety of both rows down the stairs.
    2. The lower lot, below the main field, is available to all students.
    3. The fire road past the senior lot is off limits.
    4. Non-compliance will result in vehicles being ticketed.

►The speed limit on campus for all vehicles is ten miles per hour (10 mph).  

►Drivers must follow the proper traffic lanes, follow all posted traffic signs, and abide by all traffic laws pertaining to the operation of a vehicle.

►Vehicles driven on campus may be subject to search by school officials or Law Enforcement personnel (CVCS 21113A).