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Student Handbook

Academic Honesty

Scotts Valley High School expects honesty and integrity from the students. The SVHS cheating policy will be strictly enforced.

Cheating is the giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance on any form of any academic work.

Students with two or more referrals for cheating will be disqualified for SVHS academic honors.

►   Read Academic Honesty Policy
►   See School Rules

Associated student body seals

ASB seals can be purchased for $45.00 at registration. This seal provides reduced fees for such things as sporting events, and dances. All revenue from the sale of these seals supports student body activities.


SVHS Athletics and Falcon coaches emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development. They teach responsibility to oneself and team, commitment, physical fitness, and the skills and strategies of each sport. You are encouraged to participate on an athletic team during high school.

Fall: cross country, football, girls tennis, girls volleyball, girls golf, cheer.

Winter: basketball, soccer, wrestling, cheer.

Spring: baseball, boys golf, lacrosse, softball, boys tennis, track & field, boys volleyball, cheer.

►  Read Extra-Curricular Activity Eligibility Policy

Bikes, Skates, Skateboards & Rollerblades

Bicycle racks are located in front of the Student Union. Students need to lock their bikes securely. The high school will not be responsible for loss due to theft. No riding of bicycles/skateboards/roller blades/scooters on campus.

►  See School Rules


Students are responsible for all textbooks and school supplies issued to them.

Textbooks will be checked out to students through the library.

There are two sets of books issued per student; one set is for classroom use; the other is for home use.

Class Schedule Changes (Add/Drop)

Course Requests for the Fall Semester are mailed to parents/students in the spring. Any adds or drops must be made at that time. Parents must sign the Course Request Form, whether there are any changes or not. This form should be returned to the school as soon as possible.

►  Read Class Schedule Changes Policy

Closed Campus

SVHS operates on a CLOSED CAMPUS policy. This means that students are not allowed to leave campus during school hours, including when a student has a period with no class in between two other scheduled classes. Leaving campus without permission and approval from the administration will result in consequences. See Discipline policy.

Guests of students are not allowed on campus during school hours unless prior approval has been granted by the administration-allow a 3 day time for approval, same day approval will not be granted.

College Testing/Assessment

For information about college requirements see College & Career Planning Counseling.

►  See College Admissions Exams

Electronic Devices

Student will need laptops each day to fully participate in class.  If the student does not want to bring their own the school will provide on to them.  Students who bring their own devices to school do so at their own risk. The high school will not be responsible for loss due to theft.

►  See School Rules for Cell Phone Policy

Dress Code

Scotts Valley High School believes appropriate dress is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. 
►  See School Rules

Extra-Curricular Activity Eligibility

Extra-curricular activities include the following: athletics; student clubs; Student Government; Spirit leaders and cheerleaders; special field trips not a part of regular classroom work; public performances of music, dance, drama and speech.

In order to participate in extra-curricular activities all students, including those with special needs, must meet the eligiblity requirements.

►  Read Extra-Curricular Activity Eligibility Policy.

Fire/Security Drills

Regularly scheduled fire drills are held throughout the school year. Teachers review fire drill procedures in the first week of school. The teacher leads the class to areas of safety after insuring that the classroom has been secured. All windows and doors will be closed and the lights are out. An alarm will be used to signal fire drills.
In the event of the threat of a natural or other kind of disaster, an alarm signal will sound. Students should leave the classroom under the direction of the teacher and proceed to an area designated for such emergency evacuations. When an all-clear signal has been given students and their teachers will return to their classrooms.

Additional emergency procedures will be provided as needed.

Food & food services program

Food and drinks are not allowed inside any school facility except the lunchroom area. Students are expected to keep the campus clean of garbage and debris. There is no gum allowed on campus.

►  Breakfast, lunch and food services program
►  Prepay your student's meal account

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for graduation and receive a diploma from Scotts Valley High School, a student must successfully complete 220 credits, perform 60 hours of community service, and pass the CA High School Exit Exam.

►  Read Graduation Requirements.

Health Issues

Medication: By law, no one but a physician may prescribe or give any medication. Any medication, which is to be taken while in school, must be taken to the school office and left with the school secretary, who will dispense it to students as needed. A physician's medication form must be on file with the office before any medication can be dispensed.

If a student becomes ill at school, he/she needs to come to the main office. When appropriate, parents will be notified.

When a student is absent because of illness, the school office must be notified immediately - (831) 439-9526.

Homework Policy

At SVHS, homework is an important student activity which contributes to the educational process.  By definition, homework is a task initiated and/or motivated in the classroom, related to the objective of the course studied, which is normally completed during out-of-class time.

Homework may take the form of additional practice on exercises, reading of material on a specific subject, in-depth follow-up of classroom activities, or independent project work related to the subject.  Regular homework is assigned and expected for most high school courses.

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center (LMC) combines the library and audio-visual/technology facilities. It is open during and after school for student use. When in the LMC, students are expected to conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner.  No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the Library Media Center.  Students need to show their student ID cards in order to check out any materials. Overdue fines, and any lost or damaged materials fees must be paid. Students who do not clear their accounts will not be allowed to pick up yearbooks or attend the end of the year dance.

Personal Property

Use good common sense in protecting your own personal goods or equipment issued to you.  Any school items that are lost must be paid for before new materials are reissued.  These simple rules will assist you:

  • Do not bring expensive items or large sums of money on campus. If necessary, check items in at the office.
  • Make sure your combination lock in P.E. is closed and locked before leaving the dressing room.
  • Do not share your P.E. locker with other individuals.
  • Do not store purses, jewelry, or expensive equipment in your gym lockers.
  • Schoolbooks should have your name inside the front cover and be protected by a book cover.  (The cost of a set of books per student is approximately $300.00)
  • Do not leave property unattended at any time.
  • Scotts Valley High School is not responsible for lost, vandalized, or stolen items.
School rules

►  See School Rules and Consequences document.

Student Vehicles And Parking

The lower parking lot is available for student use. All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit. Year long permits are available in the school office.  Student vehicles parked in visitor, staff parking or other areas not designated as student parking will be cited and fined. 

Parking around the perimeter of the school grounds and athletic complex are off limits to students at all times and subject to citation.  Any car not displaying a permit (even when one was purchased but not displayed) will be cited and fined. In accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 21113(A), vehicles driven on campus may be subject to search by school officials or law enforcement personnel.

►  See Parking Lot Rules for more information

Smoking/Tobacco Policy

SVHS is a tobacco-free campus. There is no smoking/chewing tobacco allowed anywhere on campus, including the grounds and buildings.  Students violating the no tobacco policy will be suspended. Required participation in school sponsored after school counseling program.

►  See School Rules

Student Identification Cards
  • All students must have an Identification Card, and must present it to any staff member who asks to see it.  This is done to afford SVHS protection to students and to identify those who are not enrolled.
  • Students must present the ID card when checking out library materials.  A bar code will be used for checkout.
  • The ID card must be shown when students are voting in student elections.
  • The ID card will be required for admission to certain extracurricular activities such as dances and sporting events.
  • The first ID card is provided free of charge
Suspension & Expulsion Policy

The staff and administration of SVHS makes every effort to encourage and model appropriate behavior and social norms, and anticipates the best behavior from each and every student. If, however, a student acts in such a manner that the safety of others is jeopardized or causes serious disruption to school activities, corrective action must be taken.

A primary responsibility of the school administration is to provide for a safe and orderly environment for all students. SVHS policies adhere to guidelines stipulated in section 48900 of the Educational Code of the State of California.

►   Read School Rules

Technology Use Policy

The following guidelines are meant to educate students on appropriate Internet usage.

Teachers will provide students with a list of Internet sites pertinent to certain assignments.

Unacceptable Internet use will consist of but not be limited to the following:

  • Transmitting, accessing, printing, downloading or uploading any material, which might be deemed: pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, indecent or vulgar; abusive, hateful, degrading, demeaning, derogatory or defamatory.
  • Vandalizing, damaging, disabling or gaining unauthorized access to another person's property, files, data or materials.
  • Vandalizing, damaging, disabling or gaining unauthorized access to district or site-owned computer systems, files, data or programs.
  • Accessing, printing, downloading or uploading personal web pages.
  • Engaging in any commercial or business activity.
  • On-line game playing.
  • Printing, downloading or uploading information from a personal desk without permission.
  • Chat-rooms