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2020/2021 asb OFFICERS
Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers
ASB President:  Robbie Hall
ASB Vice President:  Patrick Goodrich
ASB Secretary:  Sophia Timm
ASB Treasurer:  Addy Hulme
ASB Activities:  Hannah Bellevance
ASB Rally: Kaitlin Imai
ASB Media:  Kyle O'Connor
ASB Community Service:  Emma Kang
ASB Publications:  Lily Holombo
ASB Athletics: Ryan Hall
ASB Academics:  Audrey Watson
ASB Outreach:  Ashley Lewis

Senior Class of 2021

President:  Nate Buckholdt

Vice President:  Lance Ultch

Secretary:  Janelle Jacob

Treasurer:  Sydney Scott

Representative:   TBA

Junior Class of 2022

President:  Jeremy Goodrich

Vice President:  Olivia Kang

Secretary:  Evan Granados

Treasurer:  Ilaria Aspromonte

Representatives:   TBA

Sophomore Class of 2023

President:  Miles Kennedy

Vice President:  Michaela Auman

Secretary:  Ryan Lansdowne

Treasurer:  Kyle Saiki

Representatives:   TBA

Freshmen Class of 2024 

President:  Bella Alvarez

Vice President:  Grace Emanuelson

Secretary:  Sarah Lane

Treasurer:  Emma Howell