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Teacher Directory

Communication is a key component of student success at Scotts Valley High School. It is imperative that when questions or concerns arise, that a parent or student contact the teacher directly. Teachers may be contacted through the main office at 439-9555 or via email. Teachers and staff make every effort to return e-mail and phone calls in a timely manner. We appreciate constructive, collaborative communication with students and parents.

TEACHER                     SUBJECT                                        EMAIL ADDRESS                        
Anderson, Margaret Math 2, H. Math 3
Andrews, Dirk CTEP Music Production
Andrews, Mark Environmental Science, K Street
Baker, Miranda H World Studies 2, IB HOTA HL2
Berryessa, Crista Chorus, Band
Blair, Lori Directed Studies, IEP Coord.
Brandt, Emily Graphic Design 1 & 2
Bowie, Craig Art 1 Foundation, IB/H Visual Art
Byrd, Eric IB Bio2/IB BioHL1, IB BioSL/HL2, H2/IB ChemHL1
Carbone, Lori French 1, 2, 3/H3/SL, Work Exp/X-Age
Carey, Stella  IB Math SL/HL 1,2, H Math 3, Math Academy 2
Crawford, David IB Coordinator, IB Chem HL/SL 1,2
Daniels, Jenny Directed Studies, Basic English, WS & Math
de Castro, Debby English 1 & 4
Domhoff, Joel CTEP Video Production
Else, Lee  Spanish 1, H Spanish 3
Fisher, Dayna  IB HOTA HL1, H WS 2, Student Gov't
Hill, Megan PE 9, PE Dance
Hohmann, John   CTE Criminal Justice
Jennings, Kirk Govt/Econ, US History
Jezequel, Angelique   Biology, Marine Biology
Kannegaard, Kendra Drama 1-3
Kirkham, Marilyn IB English HL 1, English 2 & 3, K Street
LaBrie, Lucas H English 2
LaHood, Lewis PE 9, Health, APE
Laws, Megan H English 2, IB English HL2, Yearbook
Lukasiewicz, Judy Directed Studies, Basic Env. Science, IEP Coord.
Lyall, Naomi   Conceptual Physics
McQuestion, Molly  Spanish 2 , Spanish 4 H/IB/SL
Near, Lynne   Spanish 1 & 2
Newbury, Paige   Independent Studies, Recovery Credit
Niesen, Bonnie Math 2
Norman, Jared  PE Non Trad, Biomech
Perko, Mary Jane Math 1A/1B, Math 3, K Street
Postovit, John  Math 1A, H Phys2, IB Phys SL, IB Math HL1 & HL2
Rocha, Miguel Expl.Comp. Science, CTE Gaming S/W Dev.
Root, Julia English 3, IB English HL1
Schneiter, Sudha Spanish 3
Silva, Shannon WS 2, H WS 2, IB HOTA HL1
Spitzer, Claire Chemistry
Stanford, Hannah Math 1A/1B & Math 1
Taylor, Jennifer WS 1, H WS 2, IB/Soc. Cul Anthropology
Tiffany, Jon   Econ/Govt, IB TOK, IB HOTA HL1, K Street
Walker, William English 1 & 4
Welch, Adi   Biology & Marine Biology
Wyner, Erik Math Academy 1, Math 2, Statistics