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Sarah Hershey

Peer Tutoring

Students are welcome to an open-door after-school tutoring program. All subjects are covered on on a weekly basis in the Career Center by peer tutors identified as expert in their subject areas. Students can self-refer themselves to after-school tutoring.


On an individually-negotiated basis, peer tutors may be available for one-on-one tutoring for a small fee or to earn Community Service hours.


1.  Location, location, location.

2.  Make it a habit: work every day!

3.  Help exists! Seek it out to improve your grades.

4.  Get energized- eat, exercise, sleep. (not understanding or remembering can be a result of stress, fatigue, hunger).

5.  Write it down - use your student planner.

6.  Classes & textbooks: what’s the big picture: read the new chapter before it is introduced in class. Use course outlines, table of contents, etc.

7.  Go to class prepared & take good notes. Don’t miss class!

8.  Do something (anything) to remember key information. Generate example, make summary notes, identify key words.

9.  Think you ’ll remember key points? Prove it. Recall information without looking at notes, page by page.

10.  Be test smart. Don’t misread questions. Read instructions carefully.

Peer Tutoring Schedule

Peer Tutoring - Wednesday

Our Peer Tutoring program has been growing over the past couple of years and is a wonderful way for your student to receive some extra academic support free of charge by some of our most helpful upper class students.


♦  Tutoring is available on Wednesdays (short day) after school in the College and Career Center.

♦  Tutors are knowledgeable in most subjects. Drop-ins welcome - no need to make a reservation.


Peer Tutoring - Lunch

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Room C509