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K Street Academy

The Mission of the K Street Academy is to provide students a non-traditional path to a Scotts Valley Unified School District diploma. The program delivers support in a small and flexible learning environment through a project-based approach.

What is K Street Academy?

The K Street Academy is an alternative to traditional comprehensive public school education.

The design gives students an option to receive educational opportunities in a personally relevant and individually differentiated, small class setting. Graded work is completed within the classroom setting with minimal homework.

K Street Academy students will earn a Scotts Valley High School diploma.

They will be prepared for:

  • Community College (AA degree, or transfer to a CA Public CSU/UC four-year university)
  • Vocational School
  • Armed Services
  • The Workforce
Program Components
  • Small classroom setting; teachers rotate through one classroom
  • Flexibility with curriculum options: online, direct instruction, project-based learning
  • SVHS graduation requirements apply—220 credits within specific subject areas and 40 hours of community service
  • Access to SVHS and CTE elective courses and extracurricular activities
K Street Academy Schedule

** K Street Academy follows the  SVHS Bell Schedule **

How do Students Enroll in K Street Academy
  • Students may be recommended by staff, parents, or seek participation on their own.
  • Students will complete an application process, including an interview with the principal and/or counselor(s).
  • Considerations for acceptance include application, staff recommendation, student history, and program fit.

Students accepted into K Street Academy are:

  1. Motivated to earn a high school diploma
  2. Engaged in designing their educational experience.
  3. Interested in their personal development
  4. Persons of integrity who treat others kindly and with respect
  5. Willing to persevere
  6. Able to ask for and receive help from others
  7. Open-minded to different learning approaches
  8. Expected to adhere to SVHS rules and procedures

Phone #:  831/439-9555

Michael Hanson, Principal


Christie Danner, School Counselor


Sarah Hershey, School Counselor

K Street Participation Agreement

Students in the K Street Academy have an opportunity to learn and grow in a unique environment on the SVHS campus.  For the program to be successful, all students must strive to be positive contributors to the learning environment and agree to the following expectations.


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