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The Scotts Valley High School counselors meet with students annually and as-needed to review student 4 Year Plans and progress towards graduation. This supports students in securing success in high school and college admissions. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor when they have any questions or concerns. Meetings are available on a drop-in basis during break, lunch, before and after school. In addition, a call slip can be given to the student to meet during a class period, when additional time is needed for academic planning

Free Academic Support Options for Students


1.  Tutorial Period, Tuesdays and Thursdays

2.  Peer Tutoring at Lunch:  M-Th picnic tables outside  Mr. Postovit's room # C509

Progress Reports - What do they mean?

Progress Report grades are used to measure the student's academic progress six weeks and twelve weeks into a semester and are not recorded on the student’s official transcript.  The official transcript consists of only the end-of-semester grades for each class and these grades determine GPA and college admission. Twelve-week Progress Report grades can be an important predictor of how a student might end their semester.

If you are concerned about your student's academic progress, please:

►  Talk to your student’s teacher/s to create a plan to make up missed work or raise the grade. Encourage your student to communicate regularly with their teachers and promote self-advocacy at home.

►  Encourage your student to participate in the SVHS Peer Tutoring Program (some teachers offer extra credit), visit teachers during tutorial and attend Homework Club.

►  Log on to Illuminate regularly to check academic progress. Contact the Registrar if you do not have your log-on information.

►  Schedule a meeting with one of our School Counselors.


          Study Skills Videos           

Topics include: Taking Notes, Reading Assignments, Memory, Planning and Organization, Focus and Concentration, Procrastination, Studying for Tests, Test Anxiety, and Papers and Essays

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