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Domhoff, Joel
ROP Video Production
Hohmann, John
ROP Admin of Justice
Hollenbeck, Beth
ROP Music Prod, Band, Choir
Mills, David
ROP Economics of Marketing
Oxford, Tyler
ROP Digital Photography
Rocha, Miguel
ROP Computer Science

Teacher Homework Directory


de Castro, Debby ex.155 English 1 & 2
Kirkham, Marilyn ex.159 IB English HL1, Eng 2 & 4, Film Studies
Laws, Megan ex.157 H English 2, IB English HL2, Yearbook
Root, Julia ex.154 English 3, H Eng 2, IB Eng HL1
Thomas, Chay English 1 & 3, IB English HL2
Wenner, Larry English 4, Drama 1-3

Foreign Languages

Carbone, Lori ex.162 French 1, 2, 3/H3/SL, Film Studies,
Else, Lee ex.158 Spanish 1 & H Spanish 3
McQuestion, Molly ex.160 Spanish 2 & 4, IB Spanish SL
Near, Lynne ex.136 Spanish 1 & 2
Schneiter, Sudha ex.162 Spanish 3


Bhardwaj, Poonam ex.x145 Math 1 & 2
Carey, Stella ex.166 Math Academy 2, H Math 3, IB Math SL
Perko, Mary Jane ex.164 Math 1A & 1B, Math 1 & 3
Postovit, John ex.146 H Physics 2, IB Physics HL, IB Math HL 1 & 2
Stanford, Hannah ex.165 Math 1A & 1B, Math 1
Wyner, Erik ex.140 Math Academy 1, Stats, Math 2


Baker, Miranda ex.135 Honors World Studies 2, IB HOTA 1
Fisher, Dayna ex.137 IB HOTA HL 1, Student Gov't
Jennings, Kirk ex.130 Health & H World Studies 2
Newbury, Paige ex.144 Independent Studies, US History, English 3
Silva, Shannon World Studies 1, US History
Smith, Thomas World Studies 2, HOTA 2
Tiffany, Jonathan ex.134 Econ/Govt, IB TOK, Work Exp/X-Age Tutor
Tiffany, Kelly ex.133 World Studies 1, Social/Cultural Anthro, Academic Seminar

Physical Education

Hill, Megan ex.153 PE 9, PE Dance
LaHood, Lewis ex.151 PE 9, APE
Norman, Jared ex.151 Biomechanics, Non-Traditional Sports


Andrews, Mark ex.120 Environmental Science, Biology
Byrd, Eric ex.150 IB Bio HL/SL 1, 2 & HBio 2
Crawford, David ex.119 Chem HL/SL 1, 2
Jezequel, Angelique ex.149 Biology
Lyall, Naomi ex.128 Conceptual Physics
Postovit, John ex.146 H Physics 2, IB Physics HL, IB Math HL 1 & 2
Spitzer, Claire ex.147 Chemistry
Welch, Adi ex.149 Biology, Marine Biology

Special Education

Daniels, Jenny ex.127 Dir Studies, Basic Math & Health
Lukasiewicz, Judy ex.139 Directed Studies, Basic Physics
Shapland, Julie ex.143 Directed Studies, IEP Coordinator

Visual and Performing Arts

Bowie, Craig Art 1 Foundation, IB/H Visual Art
Brandt, Emily ex.123 Graphic Design 1 & 2
Hollenbeck, Beth ex.152 ROP Music Prod, Band, Choir
Wenner, Larry English 4, Drama 1-3