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Student Government

2017/18 ASB Officers

Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers

President:  Madison Seaman

Vice President:  Brianna Romeo


Academics:  Grace Palma

Activities:  Phoebe Codiga

Athletics:  Thomas Codiga

Communications:  Collin Elmer

Community Service:  Jessica Kain

Treasurer:  Ryan Conte

Media:  Lauren Shay

Outreach:  Ellie Newberg

Publications:  Carson McElrone

Rally:  Ellie Newberg

Secretary:  Isabella Seaman

Student Outreach:  Alondra Ruiz

2017/18 Class Officers

Senior Class of 2018

President:  Claire Clendenen

Vice President:  Philip Goodrich

Treasurer:  Luke Balch

Secretary:  Thomas Sullivan


Junior Class of 2019

President:  Hailey Weingord

Vice President:  Jack Ponza

Treasurer:  Kyle Rajala

Secretary:  McClain Kressman


Sophomore Class of 2020

President:  Sage Welch

Vice President:  Christina Culp

Treasurer:  Catelyn Reynolds

Secretary:  Will Lansdowne 


Freshmen Class of 2021

President:  Sophia Timm

Vice President:  Skylar Kuo

Treasurer:  Emma Kang

Secretary:  Patrick Goodrich

Representatives:  Robbie Hall & Olivia Pisciotta



Representatives:  Molly Abroms, Kaden Ball, Cammie Brown, Carolyn Burnett, Paris Jones, Kenedi Walters


To read more on ASB Constitution

2018/19 ASB Officers

Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers
ASB President:  Thomas Codiga
ASB Vice President:  McClain Kressman
ASB Secretary:  Jack Ponza
ASB Treasurer:  Kyle Rajala
ASB Activities:  Sage Welch
ASB Rally:  Molly Abroms
ASB Media:  Lauren Shay
ASB Community Service:  Jessica Kain
ASB Publications:  Dawson Gyllenhammer
ASB Athletics:  Paris Jones
ASB Communications:  Christina Culp
ASB Academics:  Carolyn Burnett
ASB Outreach: Robbie Hall

2018/19 Class Officers

Senior Class of 2019

President:  Hailey Weingord
Vice President:  Rishi Chandiramani
Secretary:  Grace Palma
Treasurer:  Jordan Smith
Representative:  Cammie Brown & Connor Murray


Junior Class of 2020

President:  Catelyn Reynolds
Vice President:  Sophia Brown
Secretary:  Will Lansdowne
Treasurer:  Matalie Menchaca
Representatives:  Jordan O'Brien & Ellie Newberg


Sophomore Class of 2021

President:  Skylar Kuo
Vice President:  Patrick Goodrich
Secretary:  Emma Kang
Treasurer:  Ashley Lewis
Representatives:  Sydney Inman, Olivia Pisciotta, Sophia Timm, & Nicole Christensen


Freshmen Class of 2022 - TBA

Vice President: